About Goose Lodge

Goose Lodge is my answer. It is my answer to all of the questions I had been asked since I first said I wanted to become a writer. Once I told them my dream, everyone asked me if I wanted to be an English teacher or homeless. The rest of the world seemed to think those were my only two options. After hearing that over and over again, their doubts became my own. The power of these questions was so overwhelming that I started to take education classes so that I could be an English teacher. Teaching is an amazing path to choose, but I knew it wasn’t mine.

There is no clear path for a writer to choose. Successful writers in this world share virtually nothing in common other than their passion. Every writer needs to go out and pave their own path to their goals. Goose Lodge is my next step in my life as a professional writer. I hope to use Goose Lodge to help others find answers to the questions that have been nagging them since they were first brave enough to speak their dream out loud.

A Word From James: There is nothing in this world I am more fascinated by than words and the power they hold. The same content can be expressed in thousands of different ways, each with their own emotion and connotation. I want to help others navigate through and explore those choices so that they’re saying exactly what they want to say. Everyone has something to say to the world. I want to make sure no voice gets lost in translation. Writing can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. I created Goose Lodge to make sure everyone can get their stories out there.